Boone and Dow Park

Daniel Boone Park is at the top of Spring St. in Ipswich MA. Turn left into the park entrance and park at the designated parking area. In 1957 the park was established by Ipswich Rotarians as a testimonial to the Rev. Daniel Boone, rector of a local church and tireless worker for the residents of Ipswich.

You may first wish to walk back down the hill and cross the road to a short trail that takes you to a plaque on a bolder honoring artist Arthur Wesley Dow, who gave fifteen acres to the Town. The boulder reads: “I give to the Town of Ipswich Bayberry Hill (so called by me) within said town with a commanding view which is dear to me over the marshes, creeks, river and hill to the ocean to have and to hold by said town and its inhabitants forever for the use of the public as a place of recreation and enjoyment.”

Return to the parking area and follow the trail clockwise around the pond. Continue behind the town water storage tank and take the trail down to a small secluded older section of the town cemetery. The trail then joins with the; Old Coach Trail and ends up back at the park entrance.

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