Donovan / Sagamore Hill Trail

The family of John Donovan and the Essex County Trail Association have created the new 1.5 mile Donovan / Sagamore Hill Trail and preservation of 38 wooded acres with additional trails that are open to hikers and equestrians. The trail starts at the Donovan Ball Fields on Sagamore Street in Hamilton and winds through sections of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton. Professor Donovan and his son worked with the town of Hamilton to make these resources available to this community. The Essex County Trail Association will make significant improvements to the Donovan / Sagamore Hill trail and preserved land, including signage, fencing, repairs and trail work. As of early 2012 the trail from Donovan Field is open, but the Donovan Hill section of the trail is under construction.
There is a small circle at the end of the Donovan Hill section of the trail, before reversing course and continuing back the way you came.  Just before reaching the field, a short loop that takes you to the Sagamore Hill USAF Geophysics Lab Radio and Solar Observatory.  Turn right on the paved road for a few feet and you will come to the hallowed burying place of Masconomet, the Sagamore (chief) of the Agawam Indians. A narrow trail from the granite stone marker returns you to the Donovan Trail and back to the start location at Donovan Fields. 

The trail from Donovan Field is open to the public, but the gate to the field parking lot is locked. Parking and access to the trail are available sunrise to sunset from the Sagamore Hill Solar Radio Observatory, accessed nearby from Sagamore Rd.

Continue reading to view an interactive map of this trail.

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