A hike at the Pingree Reservation

The Pingree Reservation is 136 acres of preservation land in Hamilton MA, located on the grounds of one of the 'Great Estates' of the early 20th century. The trail is a part of the Bay Circuit Trail and connects to Harvard Forest. This walk is a loop on wide paths past streams and over several eskers, beginning at the Pingree Reservation entrance on Cutler Rd. in Hamilton MA, directly across from the last gate into Appleton Farms Grass Rides. There is no parking at this trailhead, but just past the commuter rail bridge on Cutler Rd. is a pull-in for one or two cars, near the entrance to Harvard Forest

Just before the end of this hike I turned right and crossed the commuter rail tracks for a short time in Harvard Forest, 100 acres of conifer plantations and upland forest owned by Harvard University and said to be the oldest continuously studied ecosystem in the country. To access the Pingree trails from this location, follow the trail from Cutler Rd. and take a right where it crosses the commuter rail tracks to join the Pingree trails.
Pingree Estate trail map from the Essex County Trail Association (ECTA.
Harvard Forest trail map from the Essex County Trail Association.
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